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Research suggests most  retail investors do not turn a profit in their investments.

We want to help!
The truth is it's very difficult to determine the exact number of retail investors who fail, however  can be fairly confident that the numbers are not in the retail crowds favour. 

Wallstradar has been built to help you find your way in the overwhelming amount of information available online and give you a clear basis to make well-informed investment decisions. We are determined to ensure that our dashboards are easily available and digestible for all to benefit from.  And best of all our dashboards are completely free of charge without any sign up requirements! If you are looking to invest in well performing companies. Wallstradar aims to give you all the data tools you need to become a Wall street investment master. Useful high-level insights and analysis, broken down in easily readable graphs and numbers, such as financial health, company valuations and analysts expert opinions. *


Here's how Wallstradar will help you find your way in the investment markets


Easily accessible

Get a high-level overview of the most important investment data indexes, covering over a 1500 US companies, and counting!

Clear data

Presented in an easily digestible way with clear graphs and metrics. And we're always adding more.

Free of Charge

At most stock tracking websites you have to pay a hefty fee to get access to data. Wallstradar is completely free of charge!

Completely free or charge

Start Tracking
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